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on the idolabhishheka M = ablutionabhisandhaaya = desiringabhihitaa = describedabhiipsita = desiredabhyadhika H = greaterabhyanunaadayan.h = resoundingabhyarchya = by worshipingabhyasana M = practiceabhyasuuyakaa H = enviousabhyasuuyati = is enviousabhyasuuyanta H = out of envyabhyahanyanta = were simultaneously soundedabhyaasha = outskirtsabhyaasa = studyabhyaasayoga = by practiceabhyaasayogena = by the practice of devotional serviceabhyaasaat.h = than practiceabhyaase = in practiceabhyaasena = by practiceabhyutthaana M = predominanceabhyudaya = rise , prosperityabhra M = cloudamanyata = believedamarshha = (m) angeramala = without rubbishamala M = cleanamalaan.h = pureamaanitva M = humilityamaanushha = (adj) inhuman, cruelamitavikrama H = and unlimited forceamii = all thoseamutra = in the next lifeamuu Dhaa H = unbewilderedam R^ita = of ambrosia, potion to cause immortalityam R^ita M = veritable nectaram R^itattvaaya = for liberationam R^itabinduu = a drop of nectaram R^itabhuja H = those who have tasted such nectaram R^itasya = of the immortalam R^itodbhava M = produced from the churning of the oceanam R^itopama M = just like nectaramedhya M = untouchableambandha = relation / connectionambara = aakaashaambara M = sky, garmentambaa = motherambu = waterambudhi = seaambuvegaa H = waves of the watersambhas.h = (n) waterambhasaa = by the waterambhasi = on the waterambhuruha M = lotusamla = (m) souraya M = him (from ida M.h)ayajanta = third person plur.

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