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With its rich heritage, its iconic landmarks, the West End theatres, hundreds of museums, and fantastic choice of restaurants, pubs and clubs, London is unique and many consider it the most exciting city in the world.Use London Online to find out what's on and where to go in the UK's capital.Naturally, you'll want to get stuck into pints of stout, but be sure to try Irish whiskey where it's offered, which is usually a little sweet and easy drinking, and if you see it, brave the powerful Poitín (you're asking for 'po-teen'). From 11am until late, The Auld Shillelagh have been keeping things distinctively Irish for 25 years without seeming to try: it's an uncomplicated, honest place with a big heart, who offer table service – although you'll sometimes see pints of Guinness stacked up on the bar as thirsty punters get their rounds in.We've listed our favourites below, in no particular order. They're big on music, too, with foot stomping and fiddles guaranteed."Fantastic, I'd have never joined up to online dating if it wasn't for a friend of mine who set me up on your site. I've never been a fan of writing about myself or trying to 'big' myself up...... " "I met a total hunk on MSF, very true to his profile and one of the most gentlemanly men I have ever met!Forget chancing meeting a nice guy on a night out, life is too short to play a waiting game! " There's no cringey profile writing, because we believe that your friends know you best - so they write your profile for you!Often tucked away in unassuming back alleys, with little to indicate their significance, even the most secluded bar will have undergone considerable change over its lifetime.Despite this, if you look hard enough, you can still find hints of the pubs that were once the haunts of Pepys, Keats and Dickens.

Your friends can even recommend other singles on the site to you, and it doesn't matter who starts the process - your friend can add you, or you can join up and simply give us your friend's email address.

Plenty have something on every week: if they don't have a website, ring up for details.

You might not know the songs, but expect to have your feet moving like they're on strings.

Several compete for the claim but there is no definitive answer as to what “oldest” actually means.

Is it the date the site was first licensed, or when the present building was constructed?