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In an era of relationships that all too regularly go the way of Kelsey and Camille Grammer, Tony Parker and Eva Longoria, and Courteney Cox and David Arquette, we are open to any and every tip or wise word we can get about how to keep a connection strong as the years pass by.

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“Serena believes in love and her life is truly a fairy tale come true.

She’s one of those women who wants everyone to be happy, including her ex Drake and she thinks Taylor’s the one for him! “She’s America’s sweetheart and he’s Prince Charming and together she thinks they’d be cute.

and not only did they share a kiss on camera -- his lips to her hand -- but she also used a bunch of his songs during the show.

Here's the thing though, you really gotta see how these 2 are staring into each other's eyes backstage.

The PDA went down right after Serena's Fashion Week event ...

Open loss isn't gonna break Serena Williams and Drake -- they went extremely public with their relationship at her fashion show in NYC.

They’ve been spotted several times since Taylor attended Drake’s 30th birthday bash in West Hollywood last week, and now Serena Williams is weighing in on her thoughts.

And from what sources have gathered, she’d push Drake to give Taylor a shot, convinced that Swift is exactly the person the rapper needs in his life.

Turns out Drake’s not just a huge tennis fan who suddenly developed an urge to start working out; he’s been attempting to prove that he is worthy of Serena Williams. Drake, 28, has been working to get his weight up and posting the evidence on social media, much to the approval of his many fans.

And spectators reported that during her loss in Toronto a few weeks ago, the rapper was tearful at a fireworks display that followed after.

But Williams promptly shot down the rumors when a reporter asked at her semi-final victory at Wimbledon.

Throughout the summer, rumors have been circulating that superstar athlete Serena Williams and famous rapper Drake are romantically involved.

When she was asked about it at Wimbledon, Williams dodged the question.