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Educated dating uneducated

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They're all stay at home "moms" (even though most of the kids are in middle or high school and they all have maids and gardeners), who don't really seem to do anything other spend their husbands money and lay around all day. Ds and are intellectual equals and that's what I see as a good healthy relationship.

Women now make up 56 percent of the college population — and that number continues to rise.

maybe they just had the luck of size/skill to tackle a linebacker. Also, I do not consider a doctor to be wealthy (unless they have progressed past salary into ownership of practices, patents, shares, etc.). Not likely as they tend to have better options (e.g.

Having lived/vacationed in the wealthy enclaves of the world, the wealthy/power men seem to be mostly partnered to women who are beautiful, educated and powerful themselves, and this is unlikely to be a H. So maybe I have a different definition of "wealthy." Would an upper-middle class, educated, doctor marry a pretty H. pretty and educated women) and tend to value educational attainment and social standing in their partners.

Maybe it is even more likely in certain fields (e.g.

pro sports, entertainment, etc.), where the wealthy did not necessarily get there by making smart and sound judgments, e.g.