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I’ll go into detail of how one may come about a foot fetish at another time, for now, let’s just say that we all have our ‘preferences’ whether we communicate them to society and our significant others or not.
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I’ll go into detail of how one may come about a foot fetish at another time, for now, let’s just say that we all have our ‘preferences’ whether we communicate them to society and our significant others or not.

The first thing I can tell you about having a partner with a foot fetish (or any fetish for that matter) is that the only person who can REALLY tell you what and why they find feet (in this case) attractive is your partner. The subject can only be as embarrassing as you allow it to be, approaching a loved one in a non-judgemental way about something they may feel shame over is a way to bring you both closer as friends and lovers.

Whatever you do…don’tmake them feel guilty or ashamed for being sexually aroused by something that does not interest you.

The idea is to get to know your partners desires in a more intimate way and not to demean or laugh at them for their likes being ‘different’ from your own.

We don’t necessarily come from an environment of openness; black people have plenty of fetishes and you may not find all of them agreeable though there are some things you can do to enjoy your partners special interest if you’re willing to explore things outside of the vanilla box.

I wouldn’t send you out in the world all alone, so here’s 5 great tips to start you off: You’ll need a pumice stone to smooth rough heels, a q-tip to gently push back cuticles, a toe nail clipper to take down toe nails and an emery board to smooth any rough edges of your nails.

The foot is a classical example of a male sexual cue that gives rise to a kaleidoscopic variety of cued interests: pantyhose, stockings, heels, ankles, calves, sandals, high heels, socks, toes, boots, boot licking, foot bandages.

(A personal fantasy of mine) But, alas, these men have been neither handsome nor charming: So, after a year of giving these men my number – YES foot fetish man has my number and YES I ran into him at Whole Foods recently and pretended he was crazy when he said I looked familiar – I finally learned the power of saying no.

With a mixture of sweetness and sassiness, these ladies know how to dangle a high heel from the foot of their crossed leg, while stockings cling tightly to the top of their thighs.

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