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However, Nigel almost never rotates out, so we’re extra tired of him.

If you need guest judges to replace him, we’ll make ourselves available. Fans of the show are good judges, considering the best of the celebrity guest judges were the ones who were clearly fans. Speaking of Nigel, let’s talk about his producing style.

Throughout her youth, Allison won many competitions including the 2005 National Senior Outstanding Dancer at the New York City Dance Alliance and at the Colorado Dance Nationals in 2004.

Dear SYTYCD Producers, Here at Pure SYTYCD, we’ve had several conversations lately about why ratings, Internet traffic and overall enthusiasm and discussion have been sinking season by season.

Margaret says it can be traced to the infamous Fall season, Season 6, when our favorite show started changing swiftly and drastically.

Holker was then eliminated during the July 27, 2006 episode.

Since her elimination from SYTYCD, Allison has taught various different dance conventions and workshops all across the country.