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The femcee, who was formerly engaged to rapper Lil Scrappy, was seen cuddling with the rapper leading many to speculate that they were a couple.
Because I got an email of a Domina/Misstress, let me say first "I am not a sub male who would ever be on his knees in front a domina/misstress! Have been on babble before the big crash and noticed that the chance to get an response...a little sissy girl equipped with: - caged lil' cock - pale, cute, silky smooth, virgin butt - tiny toes with painted, cyan toenails - eagerness to worship cock, better than any actual female What more would you want? The only rules that really matter are these; what a man can do, and what a man can't do. I've just turned 20 which feels properly grown up and not sure I'm ready yet..:o So far so good though why do so many lovely cute ladies have to be so far away :(. Back again after a few site crashes - nice to see the site up again. If I'm not interested in what you offer I'll let you know.