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In addition to the photo she posted on social media, which shows the couple gazing lovingly at each other in matching white t-shirts at the beach, Li Bingbing also wrote, “Everything has been arranged in the best way.” In response to her announcement, Li Bingbing’s long-time friend and fellow Chinese actor, Quan Ren (任泉), claimed to have been matchmaker and wrote, “As the big matchmaker, I have finally bestowed this beauty to a handsome and talented man. With 23 years of friendship now, I have been her left hand. Growing up in the same province, they shared a similar background and interest and quickly became friends.
However, I will be the first to admit it isn't perfect - we could add so many more cool new features. And that, my online friends whom I'm never met and probably never will meet, is what really matters in this world, am I right? If you're still reading this, wow, you really have no life, but I salute you nonetheless.