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I was hesitant to say it out loud at first, but it eventually came out: “I could get used to this.” It was a simple phrase, but I knew exactly what it meant, and she did too. Less than a month later we took down some of my personal photos and replaced them with pictures of her family and us. Exactly one year after our first bike ride we celebrated with a weekend getaway to Catalina Island.

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And that’s why Olympian Lo Lo Jones’ tweet about Rachel Jeantel during the Trayvon Martin trial was the last straw for us.

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He was subsequently cast in the thriller Domestic Disturbance, playing the son of John Travolta's character.

O'Leary next appeared in another thriller, Frailty, directed by Bill Paxton, and in the kids comedy Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams, both of which opened in 2002 to positive reviews, gaining O'Leary recognition among teenage audiences.