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When you return to normal temperatures, your blood vessels expand which promotes healing.

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Her early roles included an appearance as Murray Slaughter's daughter on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, alongside Lindsay Wagner in an episode of The Bionic Woman, an appearance in an episode of Ark II called "Omega", and a regular role in the television series The Swiss Family Robinson.

She appeared as a marijuana-smoking classmate on an episode of The Facts of Life.

Before publishing the statement, Sandberg had come under fire because she did not attend or comment on any of the global Women's Marches.

Some of her other notable films include Twister (1996), Cast Away (2000), What Women Want (2000), Pay It Forward (2000), and The Sessions (2012), the latter garnered her a second Academy Award nomination.

She made her directorial debut in 2007 with Then She Found Me (2007).

Before I give you the recipe though, let’s break down how amazing each ingredient is for you.

Blueberries – Blueberries are teeming with antioxidants which help fight off disease.