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Title 43 Marriage And Family Divorce And Alimony § 43-101. The district court may grant a divorce for any of the following causes: First. When custody is at issue, the court may order, in addition to or in lieu of the provisions of paragraph 1 of this subsection, that each of the parties undergo individual counseling in a manner that the court deems appropriate, if the court finds that the parties can afford the counseling. "Domestic violence" shall have the same meaning as such term is defined by the Protection from Domestic Abuse Act. During any proceeding concerning child custody, should it be determined by the court that a party has intentionally made a false or frivolous accusation to the court of child abuse or neglect against the other party, the court shall proceed with any or all of the following: 1.

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I am not a Christian, but I don't care about using Christian terminology to refer to a date based purely on a Christian myth.

If we were using a Japanese calendar, I'd be fine using Japanese terminology to refer to it. Marking it as the "Christian Era" (or more commonly, the "Common Era") allows the same epoch to be used even though the best calculation for Jesus's birth has changed.

Obviously, as most of our astute readers would notice, we won’t find any documents dated with BC by their original author (or even with AD in the first few centuries AD).While they may not be the language of everyday life, the new terms BCE, Before Common Era and CE , Common Era (first invented in the sixth century AD) are now the rule in order to express politically correct sensitivity to non-Christians.Earlier this year, the first print run of a four-volume Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization was pulped by its American academic publishers following an outcry that it was biased in favour of Christianity, evidenced by its use of BC and AD instead of BCE and CE.CE/BCE is becoming an industry standard among historians.Pupils have to be able to recognise these terms when they come across them.” So should we BC or BCE?When I was a kid, I was always taught to refer to years using BC (Before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini / year of our Lord). That is, BC is usually understood to mean "Before the Common Era" and CE to mean "Common Era," though it is possible to reinterpret the abbreviations as "Christian Era." The simplest reason for using BCE/CE as opposed to AD/BC is to avoid reference to Christianity and, in particular, to avoid naming Christ as Lord (BC/AD: Before Christ/In the year of our Lord).