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If you’re doing it via e-mail (not ideal, but we’ll get to that later), you probably have no idea what to say. I wrote my e-mail from scratch, without any sort of guidelines or idea what to say, except what I could remember from “Dawson’s Creek” Season 1. I’m going to give you the e-mail I wrote and you may do a nice little cut/paste and add or subtract words where appropriate.

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Tennessee’s defense will resemble a M*A*S*H unit heading into a key SEC East showdown with Florida next Saturday.

In this Saturday’s closer-than-expected win over Ohio, Cam Sutton went down with an ankle injury.

The sprawling Manhattan apartment had a gorgeous view of Central Park.

But two quarter-size cameras with wide-angle pinhole lenses, discreetly hidden behind crown molding, were not there to photograph foliage.

So, as we fight for equality on behalf of the oppressed female, here’s a list of 101 things we must avoid at all costs. Domino’s pizza boxes This is a sincere tweet from feminist Twitter: A campaign slogan written on a Domino’s pizza box, which conveyed their refusal to adhere to requested toppings changes on their artisan pizzas as a good thing, is sexist, as it perpetuates “rape culture.” 2.

Science The University of Wisconsin - Madison (UW) offers “a post-doctorate in ‘feminist biology’ because biological science is rife with sexism and must be changed to reflect feminist thinking,” reports . Craft beer According to , names of craft beer are offensive, such as “Raging Bitch” and “Pearl Necklace”: “There are gross puns and derogatory illustrations on far too many beer labels. Calling a “pantsuit” a “pantsuit" As the points out, feminists find the word “pantsuit” sexist: Although pantsuits and traditional men’s suits are stylistically different, it’s sexist to differentiate between them with the added word “pant.” 8.

At this point, the woman admitted she was scared, but the officer ends up asking her five times for the keys.

They toil in their dream temperatures, while women are left to shiver. Saying “I love women” Bustle explains that when a man says, “I love women,” he’s actually implying that he loves women “more” than men, which “implies that [women] are different, which others them and excludes those who act more ‘like men.’” 22.

Or in my case, wrap themselves in a weird grey poncho/blanket/scarf.’s Cameron Schaeffer explains that use of the adverb “too” promotes the pretense that women are never good enough; they are either “too” this or “too” that. Tickling Posting in America's favorite feminist site we swore was satirical, , male feminist Jamie Utt explains that his incessant playful tickling of his girlfriend is actually rooted in inherent sexism, which was fostered by the patriarchy. The Declaration of Independence Feminists view the Declaration of Independence as “an historical cause of sexism, as the document refers only to ‘all men’ — not ‘men and women,’” reports . Calling your daughter a “princess” Fathers calling their daughter “princess,” or treating them “special” is any way, is a form of “benevolent sexism.” 24. Ads for salad It’s super sexist that ads for salad often feature smiling women eating salad, which fulfills the “cultural stereotype” that women eat salads.

From pizza boxes to the alphabet, the Western world is apparently rife with sexism.

Thankfully, we have perpetually offended third-wave feminists around to call out our incessant woman-hating at a screeching decibel.