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"Once I did that, I was able to say, 'People make mistakes and now you move on,' and I was able to.It was a long, gradual process.” Now, Rielle and Quinn have teamed up on a new children’s book called “Howie Do It — Finding Happiness RIGHT NOW.” The book aims to empower kids to find happiness no matter what is happening in their lives.They had one child together, Tiffany, who was active on Trump's campaign.These days Marla has a net-worth of nearly million and a successful career of her own as an actress."We're very good friends and great co-parents." Turning to her daughter, she prompted, "Right?" to which Quinn answered, “Yes.” The 52-year-old filmmaker realized she had to apologize for the affair to the public and the Edwards family, and feels she was trying doing so with her memoir “What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter, and Me.” “..." CLICK HERE to view "Celebrities Who Got Their Mistresses Pregnant! if he doesn't stop throwing back his stiff drinks, he could be dead in the next six months.

I was so wrong and I hurt so many people,’” Hunter said.John Edwards that ruined his run for the White House and ended his 33-year marriage to wife Elizabeth, who later died after a long battle with cancer.Hunter admits, “I made huge mistakes on a global level,” adding, “I think you have to forgive yourself in order to move on and apologize and take responsibility." The one bright spot that has emerged from all the pain their affair caused for so many is John and Rielle’s now 8-year-old daughter Quinn, who Rielle calls the “love of my life and the light of my life.” While Rielle’s life with John as a couple is over, they remain close.What’s more surprising: the “architect” of Weiner’s comeback has been none other than his wife Huma Abedin.Meanwhile David Petraeus, former CIA Director who resigned after the expose of his extramarital affair, just landed a job this week as Chairman of private-equity giant KKR’s Global Institute. Do any of these disgraced politicians ever “pay” for what they did?Whether their significant other chose to stay or leave, ch-ch-check out all the stars who had love children while in a committed relationship (below)!